Restructuring consumer loans


Paying general purpose loans provides great opportunities for people who have difficulties in paying their debts.

Today, banks, which are the institutions that many people apply to meet their financial needs, offer quite suitable options for cash needs. Configuration can be done for customers who cannot pay their debts or take advantage of changes in interest rates.

Personal loan type


A consumer loan is offered as a personal loan type with different options to meet all needs of consumers. Banks operating in our country;

It offers advantageous options to meet urgent cash needs for medical expenses, wedding expenses, renovations, holidays and many more needs. The most appropriate loan is the loan that can meet the needs of the consumer and in the amount that it can pay.

When consumers find it difficult to pay the loans they take, loan configuration options come into play. Consumers can apply for the configuration themselves. However, banks generally offer their customer’s configuration options due to delays in payments.

The interest and maturity options offered for the configuration are calculated in order to pay the loan installments more easily. You can find the details about consumer loan and configuration in the rest of our article.

How to Configure a Needs Loan?


Reimbursement scheme is very important in financial supports received from banks. In case of difficulties in payments, your registry is badly affected. Banks generally wait 90 days for unpaid loan installments. The bank prefers legal remedies for debts exceeding 90 days without payment.

If you have difficulty in paying the installments of the loan you have received from the bank, it is possible to structure your loan with much more favorable interest rates according to the conditions of the day.

Under normal conditions, general-purpose loans can be matured for up to 48 months. Bank interest rates are offered in different options at each bank in 2019. Although it is a situation that is at the discretion of the bank, some banks can increase the configuration period up to 72 months.

What are the Points to be Considered in Demand Loan Structuring Processes?


There are some issues to be considered in consumer loan structuring processes. If the consumer has difficulty in paying monthly installments, then he can apply for configuration options. The important thing at this point is that the person pays the loan on time.

It would be logical for people who have difficulties paying their loan debts without any delay. Thus, the credit rating is adversely affected. Other points to be considered in the consumer loan structuring process are as follows;

  • Not every configuration offer may be advantageous for every consumer. For this reason, profit and loss calculation must be done properly in the configuration process.
  • After the configuration, the total and monthly amounts to be repaid should be well calculated.
  • Each bank can offer different interest rates and repayment options for the configuration. For this reason, you should do your research well.
  • The fact that interest rates can be reduced in the configuration generally applies to house loans. If the interest rates of that period decreased in the agreements made in the housing loans, the consumers can benefit from the low-interest rates by restructuring the housing loans.

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