Banks Closing Loan and Transfer Loans


Debt settlement and transfer loans are calculated in a single bank and as a single loan, arising from the financial support of consumers from banks, and is a type of consumer loan that allows the payment of the debt by dividing installments into equal terms.

Debt closing loans may appear as ” debt transfer ” and ” debt consolidation ” in some banks.

What are the Advantages of Combining Credit Debt?


  • All your loans are combined into one loan. It becomes easier to pay and follow.
  • Since there is a 3-year (36 months) maturity, your installment payments are reduced.
  • You do not fall into the loan tracking process. Execution and lawyer expenses are not paid.
  • Since your payments are regular, your credit rating increases.

Debt Closure What are the terms of “Debt Transfer” and “Debt Merge” Credit?

  1. No legal problems and no follow-up.
  2. To be able to declare your income formally.
  3. The credit term does not exceed 3 years (36 months).
  4. The amount of credit you want to withdraw does not exceed 50% of our revenues.
  5. Giving documents showing your total credit debts.
  6. If there is any movable, immovable property to be mortgaged, the transmission of the same consent document.
  7. 10 years (120 months) for the mortgage loan does not exceed the maturity.

What is the Difference Between Debt Closure Loan and Loan Restructuring?


Debt settlement loans and loan structuring are different practices. We have explained the debt closing loan to you above. Credit structuring is the transfer of execution or unpaid debts to another bank with the most appropriate interest rates. Although a lot of debt in which the bank can be configured icralık the declaration statement is not given credit for a lot of bank debt entered into execution. If you want not to be blacklisted in banks, we recommend that you pay your debts on time.

Banks that Best Loan Closing Loans 2019?


Below, we have given you the banks and interest rates that give you the most suitable debt transfer loan. Only if your credit, credit card, overdraft account debts are not closed, setting yourself first means to get rid of lawyer, enforcement expenses and excess interest payments.

Money Bank Debit Closure Loan: If you have accumulated debts in other banks such as credit card debt, personal loan debt, overdraft deposit account debt, you can only relax by borrowing from Money Bank with a debt transfer loan.

Money Bank has determined the loan transfer loan amount as a maximum 100,000 thousand USD. The loan term is between 1 year and 5 years. The loan interest rates are 1.57% between 3 months and 36 months. 1.59% between 37 months and 60 months. The allocation fee is 500 USD.

Good Finance Bank Debit Closure Loan: It is a private bank. You can relieve all the payments you are in trouble with the loan transfer loan type.

You can collect your personal loan debt, credit card debt, overdraft deposit account debt in Good Finance bank under one roof. Good Finance bank gives the maximum limit of loan transfer loan as 40.000 thousand USD.

The loan term is between 1 year and 5 years. Loan interest rates vary from 1 month – 60 months 1.32% to 2.03% credit rating. The allocation fee is 200 USD.

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